My Recent Work


I have finished a script which has been submitted, and a collection of poetry. The only available manuscript is the short novel Arise Jerusalem, written in Czech. It has an international plot and it is set in Jerusalem in 73 AD. It is a love story. No self-analyzing confessions, no traumas or misfortunes. Why? I don’t want to shock. I want to console. I tell STORIES. I am a great storyteller.

I wrote the story during an illness, in order to make the best of my time. It had remained in my drawer. It was the typist who pointed out that it was good. It is on offer.

Now I am fondling every little word of a new manuscript. It is again international, the axis of the plot is in Afghanistan. But no tough guys in the army, no superheroes from "The Hurt Locker" by Kathryn Bigelow; instead there is big love, the story has great depth and includes quite ordinary things. Such as the smell of Christmas cookies and Christmas homecomings of the people we love, because people who love each other should be together during Christmas. In short, romance without big words. Although in between this love a mine occasionally explodes and love is professed over a satellite telephone, it is nevertheless love.

So that is what I am playing with at the moment. I don’t think I will feel much like giving the text away. I am writing in Czech and in English.

The manuscript will be on offer in February.