Journalistic Experience


I worked as a reporter for Czech, German and American magazines. I have written a number of articles, especially interviews.


Abroad I published books also with pen name Kinzel.


Here is a small memory of interesting people who I have written about. It is only a small selection. I like thinking back on all of them.

(B Willis, J. Depp, J.M. Simmel, P. Coelho, W. Goldberg, G. Sabatini, Ivana Trump, J. Plushenko and many others)


  Bruce Willis


  David Hasselhoff

 Johannes Mario Simmel

  Jonny Depp


       J. Pluščenko               


    Whoopi Goldberg

    Ivan Hlinka


  Fero Fenič

  Miro Žbirka

  Ivana Trump


 Gabriela Sabatiniová

  Filip Renč


Karel Gott

Helena Vondrackova

Jiri Korn

Jaromír Jágr

Peter Nagy