My name is Radka Stefanakova.

I will not display the jackets of all of my books here. I have been publishing since the age of 16. At university I studied literature and pedagogy plus economics (Mgr.,Dr.,MBA degrees). I have always wanted to write. Friendship connected me with the novelist J. M. Simmel. I read the classics because someone who doesn’t read can’t write. I don’t believe that one can learn to write at some course. Either you have “it” in you, or you don’t. It is like love – there is no half-love or quarter-love; either it IS in you or in your partner, or it ISN’T.

I can communicate in several languages, seven or eight. I love Russian and Croatian. I read in English, but I am an autodidact. I have never attended any course. I have learned by reading menus, wrappings, and by listening to foreigners.

When it comes to work I am old-fashioned; I believe in effort and diligence. I don’t believe that one can get away simply with connections and by taking an easy way out. This always ends in trouble. In the end the work always speaks for you.

I believe that in the final outcome the people, the readers, the audience will recognize what is good. This certainly counts for people who buy books. Those who nowadays spend money on books usually understand them.

I also like to edit texts. I used to have an editor for my texts, but Simmel suggested that since I have become quite adept at writing manuscripts, I should edit my own work.

I write in my mother tongue, in Czech. A translation into other languages is necessary. I am cosmopolitan. I attempt to be internationally communicative. The world has no barriers! Life has shown me that we are all the same. We love in the same way, we grieve in the same way, we have the same fears and anxieties. And we experience joy in the same way =o)